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  • This resource allows the simultaneous searching of all Cambridge databases to which Hunter College subscribes. Make sure to check the box next to "Only search content I have access to" to limit your search to Hunter College's subscribed materials.

    All Hunter-subscribed Cambridge resources are discoverable in CUNY Onesearch.

  • First published in 1902, Cambridge Histories has over 300 volumes spanning fifteen subject areas across the humanities and social sciences, with a concentration on political and cultural history, literature, philosophy, religious studies, music and the arts.

  • Fiction and poetry from the Caribbean region of the 19th and 20th centuries in the original language.

  • Population, housing, economic and geographic data from the Census Bureau.

  • Industry leading tool for tax and accounting research.

  • Open access peer reviewed journal articles in chemistry.

  • Completely searchable and easy to use, The Chicago Manual of Style Online provides recommendations on editorial style and publishing practices for the digital age. Now offering the full contents of the 17th and 16th editions, it is the must-have reference for everyone who works with words.

  • 1849-1993.

  • Online version of Choice Reviews, the Association of College and Research Libraries review journal for current academic books and electronic resources.

  • Online version of the Chronicle of Higher Education.

  • A digital library of modern international history. It includes more than 800,000 pages of original documents, produced between 1874 and 1965, ranging from Winston S. Churchill’s personal correspondence to his official exchanges with kings, presidents, politicians, and military leaders. Complementing the core content, the Churchill Archive offers a range of additional materials, including pedagogical resources and secondary materials.

  • Concise background information on nations, updated periodically.

  • Full-text source for theory and research in international affairs from Columbia University Press. 1991 - present; updated bi-weekly.

  • Comprehensive source for nursing and allied health journals with extensive full text.

  • Digitized documents from the NY Historical Society chronicling all aspects of the American Civil War

  • Hundreds of hours of classical music performances and masterpieces on video.

  • An online classical music collection of more than 10,000 tracks.

  • Comprehensive video resource for the study of music. Includes 200 operas and 75 dance titles.

  • Classical Scores Library I,II, III, and IV provide online access to hundreds of thousands of pages of scores, many with associated audio tracks in Classical Music Library.

  • Full-text of four databases important to evidence based medicine.

  • Comprehensive index to communications and mass media, formed by the merger of CommSearch and Mass Media Articles Index, plus additional material. Most citations have abstracts, and there is full text for over 200 journals.

  • is the official website for U.S. federal legislative information. It is presented by the Library of Congress (LOC) using data from the Office of the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives, the Office of the Secretary of the Senate, the Government Publishing Office, Congressional Budget Office, and the LOC's Congressional Research Service.

  • Supports women’s studies with literature from the mainstream press, the alternative press and gray literature. Included works are written in English but global in coverage.

  • Audio database of music from all regions of every continent.

  • Actual transcripts of counseling and therapy sessions comprising over 2,000 sessions.

  • Transcripts of counseling and therapy sessions from 2012 and later.

  • Streaming videos to support social work, psychotherapy, psychiatry and counseling.

  • Description and analysis of the political, economic social and national security systems and institutions of over 100 countries.

  • Weekly publication on current newsworthy social issues. Coverage is 1991 to present.

  • Whether studying to become a lawyer or law enforcement officer, paralegal, or for a career in Homeland Security, this collection rises to the challenge. Users will have access to 150 journals

  • Over 12,000 dissertations written at the Graduate Center during this date range. A CUNY barcode is required for access.

  • Tables of content, abstracts and bibliographic information for the most recently published issues of leading scholarly journals and websites.