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  • The Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA) is the world's most comprehensive bibliography of scholarly writing about the history of European and American visual arts from late antiquity to the present. This database indexes and abstracts art-related books, conference proceedings and dissertations, exhibition and dealers' catalogs, and articles from over 4,300 periodicals. Available on the Getty Website from April 1, 2010, it includes BHA records from 1990-2007 and records from RILA covering 1975-1989.

  • Index to locating biographies in reference sources, current and retrospective, on individuals living and deceased from every field of activity and from all over the world.

  • Full text biographies on approx. 220,000 people from published biographical reference works and magazines, with web links.

  • Index to biographies published in serials and books from 1946-1983.

  • Biographical information on over 500,000 people from antiquity to present, including full text of Current Biography.

  • More than 450,000 full text biographies including the complete full text run of Biography Today and Biography Magazine.

  • Open access journals from developing countries.

  • Over 100 open access journals in biology and medicine.

  • Index to life sciences and biomedical research 1926 to present.

  • This site is a curated selection of primary sources for teaching and learning about the struggles and triumphs of Black Americans from slavery and the abolitionist movement to contemporary times.

  • Writings, speeches, and interviews written by leaders within the black community from earliest times to 1975.

  • Index to book reviews in periodicals from 1983 to present. Includes some full-text, some abstracts and some excerpts.

  • Index to book reviews in periodicals from 1908-1982. Includes some full-text, some abstracts and some excerpts.

  • Index to more than 5 million book reviews published 1965 to present.

  • Full text of selected titles in nursing and allied health sciences.

  • Historical background (text, images, video) on more than 30 key worldwide border areas.

  • College-level reference source of multiple medias, including definitions, pronunciations, illustrations, articles and news.

  • 19 HD productions of Broadway and Broadway caliber productions, from Shakespeare to contemporary playwrights.

  • A different approach to accessing scholarly journals, Browzine lets you browse, read and save journals on your phone, tablet or computer.

  • Federal statistics about crime. Has links to FBI Uniform Crime Reports and Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics.

  • International business intelligence including topic overviews, interactive rankings and statistics, global histories, market share reports, videos interviews and more.

  • Full text of over 2800 scholarly journals in business, economics, accounting and management. Includes company profiles; updated daily.