Open Access--immediate, online access to scholarly research free of subscription and most permissions barriers--has the power to transform scholarship.  Sponsored by the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) and other partners, International Open Access Week  is an opportunity for advocates of open access to engage with their communities to promote awareness of the benefits of open scholarship and research.  

Running from October 23 to 29, International Open Access Week 2023 takes as its theme "Community over Commercialization." With this theme SPARC hopes to encourage a discussion of non-commercial publishing models and approaches to open scholarship that prioritize the best interests of the public and the academic community.  

To learn more about the key concepts of open access and the role it can play in scholarly communications, see this overview from SPARC.  

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Hunter College Libraries' materials are on display around campus this fall for a variety of reasons. For a list of publications currently on display, click here.

Zabar Art Library Special Collections

The Zabar Art Library (1608 Hunter North) houses a small but mighty Special Collections of rare, valuable, or unique materials related to art and art history. We have a rotating display in the front window of featured items from our Special Collections. If you wish to view or use any Special Collections items, ask at the front desk and we'd be happy to pull them for you - but they are for in-library use only. Follow this link to browse all items in the Zabar Special Collections.

205 Hudson Gallery

In support of the current exhibition at Hunter's MFA Building, Distortions: Moscow Conceptualists Working Today, Art Librarian Sarah Ward provided a collection of books related to the exhibition that are available in a reading room at the gallery.

Cooperman Library 3rd Floor Reading Room

Jennifer Newman, English & Humanities Librarian, created a book cover display on the 3rd floor of the Cooperman Library. Currently on display is a collection of new fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, all of which you can find to check out in our Libraries. In addition, Professor Newman created a guide to leisure reading materials in our collections, for those times when you need a non-academic book!

Leubsdorf Gallery

The Leubsdorf Gallery at the 68th Street campus has a new exhibition opening October 12 - Cosmic Shelter: Hélio Oiticica and Neville D’Almeida’s Private Cosmococas. Art Librarian Sarah Ward and Reserves Manager Jeanne Yan worked with the curators to create a reading room of books related to this exhibition. The complete list of titles is available on the online guide and a selection from the list will be at the gallery when the show is open. The remaining titles will be on Reserve at the Cooperman Library for the duration of the show, and then all the books will be added to the Hunter College Libraries circulating collections.



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In honor of Constitution Day, we welcome you to join Professor Philip Swan of the Library Department to explore primary source resources relating to the United States Constitution and the Founding Era on Thursday, September 28, between 1-2PM in room 530 in the Toby Cooperman Library.

Primary source literacy is crucial for understanding the historical context surrounding the foundations of our nation, making it an essential skill to celebrate Constitution Day.

By engaging with original documents from the time when the Constitution was written, we gain insight into the framers' intentions, fostering a deeper appreciation for the historical climate.

This event will empower attendees to critically engage primary sources, enhancing their abilities to participate in informed civic discourse. Some of the library resources this session will highlight include:

Gale Primary Sources
America’s Historical Newspapers
Items from our special collections
Web resources and more!

We hope to see you join us in celebrating Constitution Day as we equip you with the tools to connect with United States' history on a deeper level.

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Artstor — the digital library of high quality images from leading museums, photo archives,scholars, and artists around the world — is now part of JSTOR, joining scholarly literature, primary sources, and helpful tools on one platform to strengthen the depth of your teaching and research.

The Artstor platform will sunset on 1 August 2024, but you can already start using it at

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Feminist, artist, experimental documentary filmmaker, and poet Lynne Sachs’ donation of DVDs to Hunter College Libraries completes the Libraries’ collection of  Sachs’ films on DVD. The films are available for CUNY students, staff, and faculty to borrow. Scroll down to see the list.

I asked Lynne about her teaching experience at Hunter College. Here is her reply:

“I started at Hunter in September 2001, and of course you know what happened that month.  My relationship to the school has been consistent and meaningful for all of these years.  In that first semester, I witnessed the way that the school became a real home and place of solace for the students, especially the international ones.  Every class was like a therapy session, blending the emotional and intellectual into a single impactful experience (or at least that's how it is in my memory). I was also at Hunter for the very first conversations around their IMA Grad program which has turned into a deeply respected and supportive community.”

Lynne taught the follwing classes:

Graduate courses in the Integrated Media Arts MFA program
The Accident that Pricks: Family and Photography
Day Residue: Hybrid Media and Performance
Film as a Collaborative Art
Frames and Stanzas: Film and Poetry
Non Fiction Graduate Seminar

Undergraduate Courses
Introduction to Film and Media
Developing the Documentary
Sound for Film and Video
Film 1

“What I do in the world when I'm in the act of shooting film is ask myself how and if I can work in concert with something that exists in reality.”  - From an interview with the poet Paulo Javier in Bomb Magazine, March 2014.

Lynne Sachs' films have been featured in a number of retrospectives, including one at The Museum of Moving Image, Lynne Sachs: Between Thought and Expression, organized by assistant curator Edo Choi. In a review of the retrospective, Kat Sachs (no relation), highlights themes of Sachs’ work and the personal and experimental approach the filmmaker takes to communicate through the medium of film.

“A Reality Between Words and Images: Films by Lynne Sachs,” a program screening in October, 2022 at e-flux Screening Room featured six of the filmmaker’s works. In a review of the program on, the author discusses the filmmaker’s exploration of  the subjects.

A retrospective of Lynne Sachs’ work was included in the Ghosts and Apparitions section of the virtual Sheffield Doc/Fest in 2020. Reviews of the retrospective appeared on Hyperallergic and ubiquarian. In an interview in Modern Times Review, the filmmaker discusses her films in the Sheffiled Doc/Fest. Two of the films in the Festival, The Washing Society (co-directed with playwright Lizzie Oleskar) and Your Day is My Night, investigate the experiences of immigrants working in service jobs, a timely subject during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Reviews of Lynne Sachs’ Film About a Father Who can be found on Cineaste, and was a Critic's Pick on the New York Times.

A two-part interview with the experimental filmmaker is available on A Masters Edition episode of Docs in Orbit. "In part one of the conversation, Lynne Sachs discusses how feminist film theory has shaped her work and her approach to experimental filmmaking. We also discuss her collaborative process in her films, including her short documentary film A MONTH OF SINGLE FRAMES (for Barbara Hammer). Part two discusses her latest feature-length documentary film, FILM ABOUT A FATHER WHO (2020).”


Highlight Image: Lynne Sachs (top bunk) shooting her film Your Day Is My Night. Photo by Rojo Robles. (Bomb Magazine)


Films by Lynne Sachs available at Hunter College Libraries

Film about a father who
Sachs, Lynne, film director, director of photography, narrator, on-screen participant.; Sachs, Ira, Sr., interviewee, on-screen participant.; Sachs, Ira, cinematographer, on-screen participant.; Shapass, Rebecca, editor of moving image work.; Vitiello, Stephen, composer (expression); Allen, Kevin T., remix artist.; Cinema Guild, publisher.

The washing society
Olesker, Lizzie, filmmaker.; Sachs, Lynne, filmmaker.; Hanley, Sean (Film producer), director of photography.; Katz, Amanda, editor of moving image work.; Vitiello, Stephen, composer (expression); Holloway, Jasmine, actor.; Santa, Veraalba, actor.; Ching, Valdes-Aran, actor.; Torn, Tony, actor.; Canyon Cinema Foundation (Firm), film distributor.

Tip of my tongue
Katz, Amanda.; Sachs, Lynne, film director, author, participant.; Cinema Guild, film distributor.

Your day is my night = 你的白天是我的黑夜 / Argot Pictures ; a film by Lynne Sachs ; produced by Lynne Sachs and Sean Hanley ; directed by Lynne Sachs. ; Your day is my night = Ni de bai tian shi wo de hei ye
Argot Pictures (Firm), film production company.; Cinema Guild, publisher.; Sachs, Lynne, film director, film producer, screenwriter.; Robles, Rojo, screenwriter.; Hanley, Seán, film producer, editor of moving image work, director of photography.; Cao, Yi Chan, performer, interviewee (expression); Chan, Linda, performer, interviewee (expression); Che, Chung Qing, performer, interviewee (expression); Ho, Ellen, performer, interviewee (expression); Huang, Yun Xiu, performer, interviewee (expression); Lee, Sheut Hing, performer, interviewee (expression); Santa, Veraalba, performer, interviewee (expression); Tsui, Kam Yin, performer, interviewee (expression); Mass, Ethan, editor of moving image work.; Vitiello, Stephen, composer (expression)

Con viento en el pelo = Wind in our hair
Sachs, Lynne.; Gallisá, Sofía.; Molina, Juana.; Peroni, Lena.; Peroni, Chiara.; Street-Sachs, Maya.; Street-Sachs, Noa.; Cortázar, Julio.

The last happy day : with 4 short films
Sachs, Lynne. film director.; Mass, Ethan, director of photography.; Lenard, Hansgerd. interviewee (expression); Lenard, Andrietta. interviewee (expression); Gerendas, Israel John. actor; Moss, Donald. actor; Fagen, Lucas. actor; Reade, Isabel. actor; Street-Sachs, Maya. actor; Street-Sachs, Noa. actor

10 short films. Vol. 3
Sachs, Lynne. ; Microcinema, Inc.

Which way is east
Sachs, Lynne.; Sachs, Dana.

States of unbelonging : a film
New Day Films.; Sachs, Lynne.; Zats, Nir.; Reichman, Ted.

Films of Lynne Sachs
Charming Hostess (Musical group); Sachs, Lynne.; Z, Pamela, 1956-

Sermons and sacred pictures
Sachs, Lynne.; Taylor, L. O., 1900-1977.; Center for Southern Folklore.; First Run/Icarus Films.

Investigation of a flame : a documentary portrait of the Catonsville nine
Sachs, Lynne.
2003, 2001

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Thank you to everyone who took our library feedback survey at the end of the Spring semester. We opened the survey on April 17 and received 151 responses as of this blog posting. We saw some of what we expected among the survey responses and we also saw some surprises. The responses came from a self-selecting group who were willing to follow QR codes to our online survey. The survey was not designed to reveal how the entire Hunter College community uses our libraries. We asked to hear from you, and you obliged. So we are sharing some of what we heard:

Your number 1 reason to visit the library is to study.

We were happy to see that the library stands for studying among this group of survey takers. This tendency to view the library as a place for study may explain some of the most frequently left comments. More on that further down.

Your favorite floor to visit is B1.

This floored us (Ha?). We know that B1 receives its share of visitors, but we did not know that they were such passionate survey-takers. Note that this does not mean that B1 is overall the most popular floor among all our library users. It just means that most of our survey-takers, for whatever reason, happened to spend most of their time on this quiet floor full of book cases.

Your top concerns are noise, outlets, and seating.  

We might have guessed something similar based on what we hear at our service desks. Only a small group of survey takers left additional comments, so we want to be cautious about interpreting these results. We plan to follow up to hear more about how significant these issues are for our library visitors in the coming academic year.

Still want to leave us feedback? We are leaving the survey open through the end of this academic year. We would love to hear from you:

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It's finals time!  To help you prepare, the Cooperman Library at the Hunter Main Campus will offer special extended hours from Friday, May 12 through Tuesday, May 23. See the library’s extended hours below.  

  • Friday 5/12: 8:00am- 11:00pm 
  • Saturday 5/13: 11:00am-11:00pm 
  • Sunday 5/14: Opens at 11:00am 
  • Monday 5/15- Thursday 5/18: Open Continuously (24 Hours) 
  • Thursday 5/18: Closes at 2:00am (next day) 
  • Friday 5/19: 8:00am- 11:00pm 
  • Saturday 5/20: 11:00am-11:00pm 
  • Sunday 5/21: 11:00am- 10:00pm 
  • Monday 5/22: 8:00am- 2:00am (next day) 
  • Tuesday 5/23: 8:00am- 10:00pm

For hours at library branches other than the main campus, please see here. Good luck with your finals! 


Image: Students Studying The Wistarion, p. 143, 1973, Archives & Special Collections, Hunter College Libraries, Hunter College of the City University of New York, New York City. For more information:

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Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? Observation of Mental Health Awareness Month in May began in 1949, and is supported by Mental Health America, federal and state governments, and many more organizations. This year, Mental Health America is asking us to “Look Around, Look Within.” The organization suggests that we consider the many internal and external factors that affect our mental health.  

That said, perhaps it is no coincidence that Mental Health Awareness Month coincides with final exams. This is a stressful time for students, and the library urges you to take breaks, prioritize sleep, and take advantage of services available to you through the Hunter College Counselling Center.  

Also, check out the various eBooks available to help you practice mindfulness, understand anxiety, and more:  

Anxiety happens book cover Attention Beyond Mindfulness book cover  Freedom from anxious thoughts book cover  Mindfulness and meditation book cover  Pocket therapy for anxiety book cover  The Worry Trick book cover

For more books on these topics, search the collection using OneSearch, or ask a librarian for help!

Cover Image Credit: Hunter College Fish Eye Lens View, The Wistarion, p. 1, 1998, Archives & Special Collections, Hunter College Libraries, Hunter College of the City University of New York, New York City. For more

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Please join us on Wednesday, April 26 from 2:30- 4:00pm for our annual Library Day event, to be held in person this year in the Cooperman Library, 5th Floor. Falling during National Library Week, Library Day is a chance to celebrate the services and staff of the library as well as the students and faculty who we support.  

For this year's program, we are excited to announce the following:

  • Opening remarks by John Pell, Interim Chief Librarian
  • Featured speaker, President Jennifer Raab
  • Award presentation and panel discussion featuring the winners of this year's Student Research Papers contest
  • Award winner announcement for the Libraries Sticker Design contest
  • and more

We hope to see you on April 26!


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We were overwhelmed by the response to the first HCL Sticker Design Contest! Student designers submitted a variety of fun, informative, and original designs to represent Hunter College Libraries. Three finalists have been selected, and now it's up to the Hunter College community to vote for the winning design. 

Three numbered sticker design finalists

Click here to vote for your favorite sticker design! Voting will close at 11:45pm on Monday, April 24th, and the winning design will be announced on Wednesday April 26th, at Library Day!

Voting is only open to the Hunter College Community (students, staff, faculty), and limited to one vote per person. 

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