Leon and Toby Cooperman Floor Plans

First letter of call numberFloor
A General Works B1
B Philosophy, Religion, Psychology B1
C History B1
D History: World 4
E History: Americas B1
F History: Americas 4
G Geography, Anthropology B1
H Social Sciences 1
J Political Sciences 1
JUV Juvenile Literature 1
K Law 1
L Education 1
  Education (LB5 – LC7501) 6
M Music 2
N Art B2
P Philology, Literature, Foreign Language B2
Q-R Science, Mathematics, Medicine B1
S-T Agriculture, Technology B1
U-V Military & Naval Science B1
Z Bibliography & Library Science B1
ZABAR Art Zabar Art Library (Room 1608 North)
  Archives & Special Collections 2
  Audio-Visual Collection 2
  Reference Collection B2
  Reserve Collection 3
  Newspapers: Current 2
  Periodicals: Current 4
  Periodicals: Bound B2

Cooperman floor 4

Cooperman floor 3

Cooperman floor 2

Cooperman floor 1

Cooperman floor B1

Cooperman floor B2


Zabar Floor Plan