eBook Help

All of our eBooks are available to read on any device with an internet connection and are seamlessly supported by computer internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.).
It is possible to download some of these eBooks to a mobile device, for reading without an internet connection (on the subway, for instance). Below are instructions on how to do this from several of our most widely used publishers. Many of our publishers provide simple pdf's of their books/chapters, which would require only a pdf reader.
There are two common steps that publishers require: an application to support the Digital Rights Management(DRM) of the books, and an AdobeID, which verifys the DRM.

**Once you have the Bluefire Reader and an AdobeID, you will not have to do these two steps again.

eBook Publishers

Ebsco Instructions
ProQuest Ebook Central Instructions
Gale Instructions
Springer Instructions -- this publisher provides simple pdf files of their ebooks. Only a pdf reader is necessary.