Students with Disabilities

Library Entrance

  • The Main Library is physically accessible at the 3rd Floor, across the sky bridge leading from the West Building.

Restrooms and Elevators

  • Accessible Elevators: All Floors
  • Accessible Women's Restrooms: Floors 2, 4 and 5
  • Accessible Men's Restroom: Floor 6

OneSearch Workstations

  • Wheelchair accessible OneSearch Workstations are available on all floors of the Main Library.

Special Facilities and Equipment

Students with a valid ID card from the Office of AccessABILITY have access to the following equipment in the Main Library:

Floor 2

  • 1 Clearview+ 20" LCD (cctv) (Rm E205)
  • 1 Dell desktop with Jaws/Kurzweil/ZoomText software with flatbed scanner (Rm 208)
  • 1 Optelec and 17" screen (cctv) (Rm 208)
  • 1 Clearview+ 20" LCD (cctv) (Rm E209)
  • 2 Copy Machine - B&W
  • 1 dedicated computer with ZoomText (by water fountain)
  • 4 Dell Laptops available for full day loan, equipped with: Zoom Text, WYNN Wizard, OpenBook, FS Reader, Fusion, JAWS, Kurzweil 3000

Floor 3

  • 3 dedicated machines with ZoomText

To request equipment:
Equipment in rooms E205, E208 and E209 is available through Study Room reservations.

AccessABILITY Study/Testing Room Policy:

In order to be able to accommodate our growing number of students who may need to use our study/testing rooms located on the second floor of the library, and in order to ensure efficient use of the rooms, as of the Fall 2019 semester,  all students who ask to use these rooms must adhere to the following regulations:

1.    Reservations are necessary and may be made on the day of or in advance. A study room reservation calendar is kept at the A/V Reserve Desk. Reservations may be made in person, or by calling the A/V Reserve Desk at 396-6803. A Hunter ID and AccessABILITY Accommodation Card are necessary to use these rooms.
2.    Students must be on time for their reservations. Lateness’ beyond 15 minutes will result in a cancellation of their reservation.
3.    Upon arrival, students must provide both their Hunter ID and AccessABILITY Accommodation Card to A/V staff, as these rooms are only to be used by AccessABILITY students.
4.    Students must give their chosen room number to the A/V staff. The A/V staff will provide the student with a card indicating the room number, which should be returned on their way out.
5.    The maximum stay per visit per student to any room is four (4) hours. The time of arrival and leave will be recorded by the A/V staff.
6.    The student reservation (upon need) may be extended should any other room be available (only by A/V staff’s confirmation).
7.    Only A/V staff has access to the room keys.
8.    Students may not lock the doors from inside or cover the windows.  Such acts will result in the loss of their privileges and the incident will be reported.
9.    Students may not bring food or beverages (outside of water) into the rooms.
10.    Students may only leave their room temporarily for bathroom breaks or a maximum of one hour for a lunch break.  Upon the student’s request, the A/V staff will lock the room until they return.
11.    The A/V staff is not responsible for loss of personal items or to provide office supplies to students.
12.    Rooms are only available during the A/V Reserve Desk’s hours of operation as detailed below under “A/V Reserve Desk’s Operational Hours.”
13.    The A/V desk may loan out Laptops/iPads/tablets and other devices to students. Due to the loan policy, students MUST provide A/V staff with a current email address and phone number. The receipt/contract will automatically be sent to student email address.  Students are obligated to return the borrowed technology to the A/V staff on the due date and time, without any damage.
Upon Leaving the Room Students Must:
14.    Take out their trash and all personal belongings.  Any item left in the room will be sent to Lost and Found located in West 213.
15.    Return room card back to A/V staff to inform them of the room availability. 
16.    The A/V staff will remind students, when they need to leave the room.  You may discuss other room availability with the A/V staff, should you need more time and explore other areas of the library to study when one is not available.
17.    Students must practice professional and courteous behavior with library staff at all times. Students and staff must follow the regulations.

A/V Reserve Desk Operational Hours:
- On Monday-Thursday the A/V Reserve Desk is open from 8:00 AM to10:00 PM;  all  students must leave by 9:45 PM.
- Friday the A/V Reserve Desk is open from 8:00 Am to 6:00 PM;  all students must leave by 5:45PM.
- Saturdays the A/V Reserve Desk is open from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM;  all students must leave by 4:45PM.
- Sundays the A/V Reserve Desk is open from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM;  all students must leave by 4:45PM.


Interlibrary Loan

  • The library will request materials needed for research that are not available in the Hunter Main library. This includes material at other CUNY schools or in other libraries.
  • If the book is at the Health Professions Library or the Schools of Social Work and Public Health Library, contact the Circulation Desk on Floor 3.

For materials in other libraries:

  • Requests can be made through our ILLiad service. Use your NetID and password to login.
  • You will be emailed when the material arrives. Generally the process takes two weeks, but please allow for additional time.
  • Materials may be picked up at the Circulation Desk on Floor 3

Copying Policies and Procedures

The library will make free copies for disabled patrons of any material that is only available in micro format through Microform Copying in our ILLiad system. Come to the Reference Desk on Floor 3 to receive assistance.

Please note: No material is copied immediately or on demand. No material can leave the building for copying elsewhere.

Circulation Desk staff and/or Student Aides will assist patrons with disabilities with photocopying as requested. To request assistance:

  • Ask at the Circulation Desk. If available, a Student Aide will assist the patron at one of the public copy machines or the accessible copy machine on Floor 2.
  • If an Aide is not immediately available, an appointment will be made when an Aide will be available.

Key Library Contacts

Disability Services Library Liasion
Asst. Prof. Adina Mulliken
A/V Reserve Desk Supervisor
Ms. Roxane Pacifico
212-396-6804 /6803
Head, Access Services
Assoc. Prof. David Donabedian
Interlibrary Loan
Mr. Gowan Campbell
Office of AccessABILITY
East Building, Room 1128