Hunter College Libraries' Competition for Best Research Papers

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The Hunter College Libraries asks all faculty to please help us recognize exceptional work done by Hunter students by participating in the libraries' annual  Competition for Best Research Papers, formerly known as the Paul LeClerc Competition for Best Research papers. All departments and special programs in the college may participate.

We encourage faculty to submit papers from 100 level, upper level undergraduate, and graduate level classes.

Faculty may nominate papers written for any course given in the winter, spring, summer, or fall semesters of 2020.  (Please note that master’s theses or other works produced outside the scope of a semester-long course are excluded.)  Only papers submitted by the course instructor will be eligible for awards.  Please submit no more than three papers for any one course.

The goal of this competition is to stimulate the creative use of library resources, so winning papers should be thoroughly researched, well written, and properly documented.  The library will award gift certificates in the amounts of $200 for first prize and $100 for second prize in the categories of (1) 100-level undergraduate courses, (2) all other undergraduate courses, and (3) graduate-level courses.

The deadline for the 28th annual competition will be FRIDAY, JANUARY 29, 2021.  Please submit papers via e-mail to

For each submission please include:

  • the title and number of the course for which the paper was written
  • the semester during which it was written
  • the student’s phone number, e-mail address, or other contact information.

In years before 2020 we held an annual Library Day celebration in the spring where we presented the awards to students and formally acknowledged the instructors of the winning candidates for promoting the research and writing skills of Hunter College students. Last year, we posted a Virtual Library Day Guide and plan to do the same if the campus remains closed. We look forward to hosting the event in the Leon & Toby Cooperman Library again once we are able to do so.

Please feel free to contact Iris Finkel ( with any questions. 

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