Music - Scores

  • Classical Scores Library I,II, III, and IV provide online access to hundreds of thousands of pages of scores, many with associated audio tracks in Classical Music Library.

  • A digital sheet music subscription service that provides access to tens of thousands of scores from over 100 publishers including Boosey & Hawkes, Bärenreiter, Breitkopf & Härtel and Ricordi. It can be accessed via app on your phone, tablet, or desktop.

    The link is the same as during the trial period, so all those that registered during the trial just need to log back in.

    nkoda set-up instructions:

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    3. A banner at the top of your screen will indicate "You are signed in as a member of Hunter College." This confirms you have successfully completed the process.
    4. With your registration complete, you can now log in and access the app from any device, platform, or location, authenticated as a member of Hunter College.

    If you have trouble signing up, contact Lisa Finder

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