Academic Departments

Academic Skills/SEEK Department, 1966-2012
Annual reports, correspondence, memoranda, articles, clippings, reports, and publications.

Art Department, 1908-2018
Annual reports, brochures, memoranda, and personnel files of former professors William Baziotes and Richard Lippold.

Masters of Fine Arts Program
Collection of M.F.A. theses produced by Hunter College Students. The M.F.A. theses are searchable through OneSearch. Theses from 2016 on are accessible in Academic Works.

Biological Sciences Department, 1908-1961
Annual reports, by-laws, correspondence and memoranda.

Chemistry Department, 1923-1962
Annual reports, by-laws, correspondence and memoranda.

Classics Department, 1908-1965
Annual reports, committee files, articles, clippings, minutes, memoranda, publications, and radio broadcast scripts. Also included are the writings of Professor Edith Adelaide Hahn.

Communications Department
The records of this department are currently unprocessed.

Computer Science Department, 1970’s, 2003
The records of this department are semi-processed.

Department of Black & Puerto Rican Studies, 1969-1981, 1989
Annual reports, correspondence, memoranda, minutes, and vitaes of former instructors. BLPR was renamed the Department of Africana and Puerto Rican/Latino Studies in March, 2002.

Department of Health & Physical Education, 1908-1911, 1929-2003
Annual reports, by-laws, correspondence, programs, and memoranda. Also included are student notebooks and writings, medals, pins, plaques, sheet music, and gymnastic attire  worn by former Normal/Hunter College students.

Dance Therapy Program of Hunter College, 1971-1996
Correspondence, curriculum changes, proposals, minutes, programs and reports.

Department of Speech and Dramatics, 1922-1960
Annual reports, correspondence, memoranda, and files on Professor Arthur L. Woehl.

Division of Programs in Education, 1970-1981, 1999
Annual reports, correspondence, memoranda, reports, studies, and publications.

Economics Department, 1941-1960
Annual reports, correspondence and minutes.

Education Department, 1908-1956
Annual reports, correspondence, minutes, and files on the English Club, (1944-1954, 1962), the Literary Society (1954-1961), and the Shakespeare Society (1931-1956). In addition, there are departmental copies of A Christmas Book, (1937) and Ye Pedlar's Park, (1914).

English Department, 1908-1956
Annual reports, by-laws, correspondence, minutes, personnel files, publications, and questionnaires.

Geology & Geography Department, 1929-1958, 1997-2006
Annual reports, minutes, publications, and student files.

German Department, 1908-1971
Annual reports, by-laws, and correspondence.

History Department, 1908-1916, 1979-1958, 1997-2006
Annual reports, correspondence, memoranda, and minutes.

Home Economics Department, 1943-1967
Annual reports, by-laws, correspondence, and publications.

Hunter College Libraries Department Collection, 1878 - 2011
The Hunter College Libraries Department Collection consists of annual reports, by-laws, budgets, brochures, minutes, committee and task force reports, division reports, correspondence, memoranda, blueprints, memorial services, programs, publications, photographs, studies, proposals, surveys, scrapbooks, and statistical compilations.

Archives & Special Collections Collection, 1966-2001
This collection documents the establishment of an archival repository at Hunter College. The files of professors Dorothy G. Fowler, Frederic W. Stewart, Rose Gilligan, William Omelchenko, Lee E. Sellers, and Julio L. Hernandez-Delgado underscore their foresight and commitment to acquire, organize, preserve, and provide access to the historical documents of Hunter College. The collection consists of annual reports, correspondence, memoranda, and reports.

Tea & Talk Series Collection, 1967-1987
The Tea & Talk Program, co-sponsored by the Division of Programs in Education and the Hunter College Library, provided students and faculty with an opportunity to meet with prominent authors and illustrators of children and young adult books like Isaac Asimov, Pura Belpre, Norman Cousins, Virginia Hamilton, Maurice Sendak, John Steptoe, and others. Included are correspondence, announcements, cassette tapes, transcripts, and photographs of each invited speaker.

Margaret Grant Plumb Collection, 1890-1976
Margaret Grant Plumb graduated from Hunter College in 1916 and subsequently worked at her alma mater as a librarian/administrator for 44 years. Plumb was instrumental in gathering and preserving historical documents of the College and library that eventually served as a basis for the establishment of an archival repository at Hunter College in 1966. The collection primarily documents the establishment and evolution of library service at the Normal/ Hunter College Library from 1890 to 1960. Key components of this collection are the library annual reports (1900 - 1951), records on the Bronx Campus Library (1928 - 1960) and the Park Avenue Library(1890 - 1950), papers pertaining to Margaret Grant Plumb (1911 - 1975), black and white photographs of the original Normal/Hunter College edifice (1873 - 1936) and the Park Avenue building (1940 - 1982), rare books(1932 - 1958), and materials pertaining to Dr. Margaret Barclay Wilson (Class of 1884), Honorary Librarian from 1915 to 1927.

Mathematics & Statistics Department, 1908-1954, 1971
Annual reports, by-laws, correspondence, and select personnel files.

Music Department, 1913-1955, 1968-1971, 1977-2002
Annual reports, correspondence, personnel files, and files on the Delta Omicron, Dorian Woodwind Quintet, the Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Hunter College, the Hunter College Choir, the Hunter Symphony, and Kappa Mu Epsilon.

Physics & Astronomy Department, 1908-1916, 1929-1954
Annual reports, by-laws, correspondence, student papers, and miscellaneous materials.

Physiology & Hygiene Department
The records of this department are currently unprocessed.

Political Sciences Department, 1941-1958, 1974
Annual reports, publications, curriculum guides (1874–1876), and programs from the Albert H. Blumenthal Lecture Series (1986–1987).

Psychology & Philosophy Department, 1941-1949
Annual reports, by-laws, correspondence, memoranda, and student papers.

Romance Languages Department, 1911-1971
Annual reports, by-laws, committee reports, memoranda, minutes, publications, select personnel files, and writings.

School of General Studies, 1961-1981
Annual reports, correspondence and files on the Committee on Status, the Coordinating Committee of Women’s Courses and Research, the Faculty Council of Hunter College, the Center For Lifelong Learning, and the S.G.S. Student Government, along with reports, scrapbooks, and publications.

Sociology & Anthropology Department, 1942-1979
Annual reports, by-laws, personnel files, and reports.

Theatre & Film Department
The records of this department are currently unprocessed.

Urban Affairs & Planning Department, 1969, 1972-1975, 1986-1987, 2005-2007
The records of this department are semi-processed.