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Welcome to our faculty resource page. We often assign research projects but don’t always have the time to devote to these skills in class. This tutorial is designed to help both faculty and students through the process, from developing a research question, to finding articles, to using articles in a research project. We encourage you to assign sections of this tutorial throughout the semester. The tutorial includes several worksheets that you may collect or use as a basis of discussion in class. You will also find activities designed for faculty to plan a scaffolded research project, help students develop topics, and teach key information literacy skills. You may also want to join our Zotero group synthesizing the research that went into this tutorial and pointing you towards further resources on teaching research projects. Please contact Professor Wendy Hayden (English) or Professor Stephanie Margolin (Libraries) with any feedback or questions.


Our Scaffolded Research Calendar can help you guide your students' research process.

For Zotero group access, please visit this link and request an invitation.

Librarians' tips on good research assignments


Annotated Bibliography Activities

How to Use a Source: The BEAM Method

Helping Students Build Better Research Questions

The Stases as Research Method 

Answer Key

Answer key to Reading Scholarly Articles

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