HistoryMakers Oral History Database

The Hunter College Libraries acquired a new database called The HistoryMakers (login required), "an archive of filmed oral history interviews of contemporary African Americans who have shaped modern history and made significant contributions to history, politics, education, law, arts, science, business, the military, and sports."

It is now available for use by Hunter College faculty, staff, and students - find it in the Databases list on our website.

Homepage of The HistoryMakers website with images of prominent African Americans


To those working with the HistoryMakers Oral History Database, My name is Kristen Vogel. I am currently a graduate student at the University of South Florida, studying anthropology. I am seeking information on Dr. Marimba Ani (Dona Richards), who was a Professor of Afrikan Studies in the Department of Black and Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College, beginning in 1974. I hope to write an intellectual biography of her for my Foundations of Anthropology class, as I find her theoretical work monumental and very important to my research. I would greatly appreciate any information you might be able to share with me (perhaps there is a recorded oral history?), and would be elated if it is possible for me to conduct an interview with her! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time and assistance. All the best, Kristen Vogel

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