Library Instruction Guidelines

Placing a request

Please place requests as early in the semester as possible, or at minimum two weeks prior to the anticipated class. Click to Request Library Instruction.

Timing of library instruction

The effectiveness of library instruction partially depends on timing. Students benefit most when library sessions are integrated and scheduled to coincide with appropriate stages of the research assignment. For examples, see the Instruction Menu.

Finalizing arrangements

After your request for a library session is received and processed, the assigned librarian will be in touch to confirm the date, time, and location of the session. Please communicate with the teaching librarian directly to discuss details of the session. If the librarian requests information (i.e., course syllabus and the research assignment), please provide them in a timely fashion; one week prior to the class meeting is ideal.

Research assignment

Good research assignments lead to better student outcomes. For suggestions, please see suggestions for creating research assignments or meet with your assigned librarian.

Library sessions are most effective when they are directly related to a specific assignment. When requesting a session, please provide a copy of your syllabus and a detailed description of the project your students will be working on, including a list of potential topics.

Before meeting with the librarian, discuss with your students the session's relevance to their coursework and the research assignment in particular.

Mandatory faculty attendance

Faculty must attend the session and remain in the classroom the entire time.

Teaching faculty's presence and participation demonstrates to students that library instruction is an integral part of their course. Students are more engaged if their professor adds comments or asks questions during the session. During the hands-on portion of the class (if there is one), faculty may be asked to assist the librarian.