Data and Statistics

  • Federal statistics about crime. Has links to FBI Uniform Crime Reports and Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics.

  • International business intelligence including topic overviews, interactive rankings and statistics, global histories, market share reports, videos interviews and more.

  • Population, housing, economic and geographic data from the Census Bureau.

  • Concise background information on nations, updated periodically.

  • Data from several National Center for Education Statistics sources; includes The Condition of Education and The Digest of Education Statistics.

  • Electronic version of Cambridge University Press's Historical Statistics of the United States(Millenial edition) with the ability to search, navigate, graph and download data.

  • The Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research maintains an archive of social science data available in a collection of machine readable data files.

  • Data on population, immigration, socio-economic indicators, births and deaths and more from the 1980-2000 census, and from other federal, state and community agencies.

  • LACLI Is a repository of free online e-resources with Latin American, Caribbean, U.S Latinx, and Iberian content. It is a great tool for finding a large variety of resources such as audiovisual materials, e-books, and digital primary sources. LACLI is managed by the Latin American Northeast Libraries Network (LANE).

  • NYC Open Data is a collection of data sets generated by New York City agencies and updated regularly. In addition to scholarship, data can be used inthe development of mobile applications ("apps"). Users can search for a particular data set, or browse by category.

  • Wide-ranging statistical and factual information about New York City from Baruch's Weissman Center for International Business.

  • Demographic information about the United States from 1790-2018 through interactive maps and data reports.

  • Data aggregator providing over 1million statistics from over 18,000 sources.

  • Online version of the annual federal collection of data on social and economic conditions in the United States.

  • ProQuest’s version of the digitized federal collection of data on social and economic conditions in the U.S., current year and historical.

  • WRDS offers powerful analytics to work with data from Compustat and CRSP (as of 3/20/23).
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  • Guide to WHO’s health related information including health-related statistics.