Skirball Science Learning Center

Skirball Science Learning Center
Silverstein Success Center

7th Floor, East Building
695 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10065


Coming soon! (We are currently adding new appointment availability. Check back regularly) 
Appointments for Fall 2021 will made through Hunter Navigate. For tutoring in various subjects, go to the schedule an appointment feature. Select "Group Tutoring (Virtual)" as the service you are looking for.

For BIOL 100 or 102 Supplemental Instruction, book sessions through your Campaign list or by using the link in your Campaign invite email.

The Skirball Science Learning Center (SSLC) provides comprehensive assistance to all Hunter College students in all areas of the natural sciences and technology.  Our professional staff and peer tutors provide a learning environment in which all students (regardless of major) are welcome. The center provides, scheduled and drop-in one-to-one tutoring, group-mentor sessions and review sessions. The center also provides textbooks and study guides for loan.

Throughout the academic year, the SSLC sponsors workshops aimed to enhance science learning skills including reading primary literature, scientific writing, dissemination of science concepts and creating effective science presentations. The SSLC also supports training on essential science study skills, and problem solving techniques and guidance for peer-led group learning. SSLC Seminar series presented by Hunter’s faculty and invited guests provides deeper understanding of applications of the scientific methods in the real world and broader awareness of STEM careers. 

The SSLC is equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia screens, ample white boards and materials for loan including laptops, textbooks, study guides and educational models.

Areas we tutor include: Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Computer Science


Tutoring schedule and Events Calendar

Textbooks and Study Guides for Loan

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Contact us:
Reception Desk: 212-396-6458
Interim Director: Angela Padilla, MS

Academic Resource Coordinator: Angela Padilla, MS