We now have a subscription to Covidence!

Hunter College Libraries is now an institutional subscriber to Covidence. This means that anyone with a Hunter College affiliated email address can obtain a Covidence account and access web-based support for systematic literature reviews by visiting this page: https://app.covidence.org/organizations/7Y9mQ/signup

Covidence’s system supports screening and data extraction for literature reviews with systematic elements such as scoping reviews, umbrella reviews, rapid reviews, and related types. Students and faculty in all of our health and social science programs are likely to find that Covidence enhances their efficiency when screening articles and classifying and extracting data from them.

Not sure what a systematic review is? Or how to incorporate Covidence or systematic review methodology you into your review? Check out our Systematic Review guide: https://libguides.library.hunter.cuny.edu/systematic_review or get in touch with John Pell (jpell@hunter.cuny.edu) for a consultation.

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