A New Look for Ask A Librarian

icons depicting the great ideas you can get from chatting with a librarian

You might notice that our Ask A Librarian chat service has gotten a new look. It is still the same great service that allows you to chat with a librarian whenever you are feeling stuck with your research, overwhelmed by search results, or not finding what you are looking for. Ask A Librarian is staffed by a network of college and university libraries to allow you to chat 24/7 with college and university librarians from across the world.  Give it a try. We are sure you will find librarians can be a wonderful resource for refining research questions, developing search strategies, and providing all sorts of recommendations for books, journals, databases, and other resources. If your question turns out to be too complex to resolve in a chat session, just leave your email and Hunter Librarians will follow up with you.  

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