New article about growth and change in libraries by members of Hunter College Libraries!

Like many of us, Hunter College Libraries went through some changes last year. We experienced transitions in library leadership, an international pandemic, and the dramatic introduction of new ways of working. We stuck together through it all and developed new ways of organizing ourselves and our work. We drew on leadership across the libraries through expanded definitions of department membership and committee structures. We grew together as an organization in ways that we could not anticipate.

In a new article in Portal, two members of Hunter Libraries share the resilience and ingenuity in Hunter Libraries that they saw practiced during this challenging time. You can find Stephanie Margolin and Malin Abrahamsson's article "An “Anti-Handbook  Handbook” for Unexpected Changes in a Library Organization" through Hunter Libraries' subscription databases. We hope you will give it a read and share your thoughts on the challenges and rewards of working toward a shared sense of purpose in challenging circumstances.

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