Looking for a place to take your online class?

We love to see you taking your online classes in our libraries. When you are, please note the noise policies of our locations and adjust your class participation so that you do not disturb others studying around you. We do not currently have Zoom installed on the library computers, so bring your own device if you are planning on using the Zoom app.

If you are in a Group study location, like the 4th, 6th, and 7th floors of our Cooperman Library, you may use your mic and speakers to participate in class- although we encourage you try to keep your volume down.

If you are on a Quiet study location- like the 3rd floor of Cooperman, or the Social Work & Public Health Library, or the Health Professions library, you should use headphones- not your device's speakers. You may participate via your mic as long as you use your "library voice" (like an "inside voice" but quieter) and are not speaking often or for a very long time.

If you are on a Silent study location, like the 1st through B2 levels of Cooperman or the Zabar Art Library, that means no mics, no speakers- only headphones and keyboard participation.

We know that online classes at Hunter offer many options for participation and we hope you find a space in our libraries that is a good match for your class participation style. We will be keeping an eye our spaces to see that they are meeting online class participation needs. If you are having trouble finding a space to match your needs, please stop by one of our service desks to let us know about it, drop in our chat channel, or send us an email.

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