How to Find Mental Tests and Measures

Does your discipline use mental tests and measures? Have you struggled to obtain full text of these items? You may know that many factors limit the availability of these materials including copyright and publishers’ restrictions. However, the Library can obtain instruments that were published in a book, article or dissertation. There are many ways to search for instruments that were published in books, articles, or dissertations, as well as some tests that are available free online. This guide can help get you started: 

Some of the sections that are available in print books may be obtained via interlibrary loan during the pandemic. You are welcome to contact for help with exploring tests available to us. 

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Students studying learning patterns of white rats, Department of Psychology

Hunter Alumni Quarterly, Pg. 10, January 1964, Archives & Special Collections, Hunter College Libraries, Hunter College of the City University of New York, New York City.


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