eduroam is a wireless network selection that connects your device (phone, laptop, etc.) to the wireless network on any college, university, or organization (worldwide!) that offers the service. The institution establishes access parameters to their resources (ie. Library databases). This means that access via eduroam at another institution may be limited to only the Internet.
Visitors to Hunter College from a college, university, or organization that has eduroam can connect to our wireless network with their institution’s credentials.  Access via eduroam while on Hunter’s campuses is limited to the Internet; proxy login with Hunter credentials (NetID and password) is required to access Hunter College Libraries’ resources. Visitors wishing access to these resources should use a desktop computer on campus that does not require login access.
How to connect via eduroam at another institution:
In most cases, you will just need to find the “eduroam” wireless network selection on your device, and when it asks for a username and password, just provide your CUNYFirst Login username ( and password.  If you are further prompted to configure settings, the following ones will work:

Security:                                 WPA2 Enterprise

EAP method:                          PEAP

CA Certificate:                        don’t validate

Phase 2 Authentication:       GTC
Once you configure your device for eduroam it will work anyplace eduroam is available.
Note: If you are a student, staff member, or faculty at Hunter College, you should still select and connect to HunterSecure with your NetID credentials while on a Hunter College campus.

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