Curated resources on Coronavirus and COVID-19 from the Hunter College Libraries

As researchers confront the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, some of the health sciences databases available through the Hunter College Libraries are offering special collections of literature relating to the prevention, treatment, and impact of COVID-19.  Hunter users have access to the following (NetID log-in required):

·       Wiley Online Library, Covid-19:  Novel Coronavirus Outbreak.  This site highlights newly published research as well as content from journal articles and book chapters, including Special Collections on topics ranging from the economic and social impact of Covid-19 to chemical biology and drug design. 

·       Cochrane Library, Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources.  Systematic reviews and related content relating to the pandemic, including Special Collections on topics such as infection control, prevention measures and support for wellbeing in the healthcare workforce.

·       Gale Health and Wellness, “Coronavirus.”  This topic guide gathers together results from magazines and news sources as well as academic journals, reference works, and video resources.    

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