CUNY-sponsored access to the Wall Street Journal


Wall Street Journal header in black. In blue lettering it reads "Read ambitiously." 

In a world where education and career opportunities are more competitive than ever, the need for you to obtain broader perspectives on a variety of global business issues is a necessity. Which is why The City University of New York has joined The Wall Street Journal in a collaboration that will provide students and faculty full access to the Journal.  The Journal provides career advice  and  ties real-world examples into what you learn,  giving you the opportunity to enhance your educational experience and stay ahead .


You can use your school-sponsored WSJ membership to:


• Research topics relevant to your courses and careers

• Save and share pertinent articles with other students

• Follow companies and industries that interest you

• Track real-time stories and trends

• Enjoy the most engaging coverage of arts, culture and life


Activate your school-sponsored Journal membership by going to:




Will this be available to me if I travel to where coverage is blocked, i.e. China?

According to the representative from WSJ, you should still have access overseas. You can contact them if you have further questions about it.

If coverage is blocked, it is blocked you can download some articles to reference. If you have internet access you can log on to this site from anywhere on earth.

I would like to have access to wall street journal to do homework

I would like to have access to Wall Street Journal to help with my homework assignments for grad school at Hunter. Thanks!

Student at hunter, need access to WSJ articles.

I am currently taking Russ 215 and Russ 246.20 classes (Translating culture and Translation and interpretation for professions: Medical). As a part of assignments I need to read everyday an article from a newspaper. Can I have free subscription for WSJ?

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