5th Floor Study Rooms Available for Reservations

Our study rooms on the newly renovated floor of the Cooperman Library are now available for reservation. Rooms 520, 521, 522, 523, 524, and 525 may be reserved for up to two hours a day. The rooms are equipped with display monitors that can make wireless connection to your devices. Reservations may be made up to two weeks in advance. These reservations may be made on our online room reservation site, similar to the method for making reservations for other rooms in the Cooperman Library. Unlike other reservable study rooms in the Cooperman library, the 5th floor study rooms are locked by key card. When you arrive for your reserved time slot, you will need to visit the 3rd floor circulation desk to borrow the study room key card. Library staff at the circulation desk will loan you the key and check you in for your reservation. When you are finished with your reserved time, you will need to return the room key to the 3rd floor circulation desk so that it is available for the next person who reserves the room. General and special policies for the study rooms are on our study room policies page. We hope you will enjoy these rooms. Please let us know if you have have any questions or suggestions about them.

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