Alumnae/Alumni Collections

Ayers, Mary Alice (1955-2012)
Ayers is a Hunter alumna, a dedicated educator, and a professional short fiction writer. She has received numerous awards and prizes for her published short stories. The highlights of her papers consist of her biographical information, correspondence, publications, as well as her unpublished writings.

Hauser, Bernice
Hauser’s papers are currently unprocessed.

Kelber, Miriam (Mim) Kolkin
Mim Kelber was a Hunter alumna and member of the Hunter Hall of Fame. She also was an acclaimed activist, journalist, and writer who fought extensively for women’s rights and world peace. Mim Kelber’s papers emphasize her commitment to women and peace and provide a wealth of information on war and peace, environmental issues, social and economic justice, and equal rights for women.

Neumark, Sarah C
Neumark is a Hunter alumna, a teacher, and an organizer. She has made many contributions to various organizations at Hunter. Her collection consists of her profiles, correspondence, and papers related to the organizations she was involved in.

Offit, Avodah K. (1931-2015)
Dr. Avodah K. Offit, an alumna of Hunter College High School and Hunter College, was a prominent psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and author. She was an innovator in understanding the psychological basis of human sexuality, as seen in her papers, which include numerous publications, such as three books, magazine pieces, and medical journal articles. Dr. Offit’s collection contains a wealth of information for students, researchers, and professors in the fields of psychiatry and sex therapy.

Schwartz, Eli A.
Schwartz’s papers are semi-processed.

Shaw, Daisy K.
Hunter alumna and member of both the Hunter Hall of Fame and Phi Beta Kappa.
Shaw was a pioneer in the field of Vocational Guidance. The papers consist of correspondence, memoranda, articles, papers, brochures, lecture notes, and publications. Shaw’s papers are currently unprocessed.

Simon, Kate (1959-1989)
Simon is a Hunter alumna and member of the Hunter Hall of Fame. Simon was a writer who wrote about her travels to Europe and Latin America. The papers consist of correspondence, manuscripts, newspaper clippings, book reviews, and photographs.

Speiser, Mildred
Mildred is not only a Hunter alumna, an educator, an entrepreneur, a consultant, a leader, and a writer, but she is also the Founder and a Board Member of the Hunter College High School Alumnae/i Association. In her papers, the assorted documents emphasizing her active participation in various organizations as well as the establishment of the Hunter College High School Alumnae/i Association portrays her boundless efforts and devotion to the Hunter Community.

Weiser, Marjorie Paula K.
Weiser is an alumna of both Hunter College High School and Hunter College. Gathered here is an assortment of documents that provide a glimpse of a graduate who was very active with both the Hunter College High School Alumnae/i Association and the Hunter College Alumni Association from 1974 until her passing in 1996.

Whitbread, Louise Louis
Whitbread is a Hunter alumna and a former N.Y.C. public school teacher. In addition, she was an internationally acclaimed poet and author of 28 books of poetry, dramas, inspirational essays, illustrative arts and children’s books. The collection consists of a biographical sketch, correspondence, publications and a copy of Whitbread’s Last Will and Testament.