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David Armand Caputo

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Order:  12th

Dates:  1995 - 2000

A native of Pennsylvania, Dr. Caputo came to Hunter from Purdue University where he had been Dean of the School of Liberal Arts for eight years and a member of the faculty from 1969.  A political scientist who specialized in elections, he has a BA in government from Miami University in Ohio, and earned the MA and PhD from Yale in political science. During his tenure at Hunter, a new master plan was completed, all departments providing support for information technology were merged into the Office of Instructional Computing and Information Technology, and the Center for Distance Learning opened in the School of Social Work.  Other major accomplishments included the reorganizations of the academic divisions: the School of Nursing and the School of Health Sciences became the Schools of the Health Professions, the Division of Programs in Education became the new School of Education, and the new School of Arts and Sciences resulted from the merger of the divisions of the Humanities and Arts, Sciences and Mathematics, and Social Sciences.