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A poem by Ruth Lewinson, alum of Hunter College. The Alumnae News (June-July 1918): 5.

"A Song of Good Will" by Helen Gray Cone. The Alumnae News (May 1915): 4.

Brief biographical sketch of Lydia F. Wadleigh. The Alumnae News (January 1938): 5. Reprinted from The New York Times, December 11, 1937.

An introduction to "A Christmas Book" a magazine containing essays reviews articles and poems by the faculty of Hunter College English Department. The Alumnae News (January 1938): 2.

"An Appreciation" poem by Lileo Louise Claxton dedicated to Dr. Jenny B. Merrill. The Alumnae News (April 1934): 2.

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"Aligned" a poem by Helen Gray Cone. The Alumnae News (March 1918): 3.

Mowry Baden, Michael Brewster, Lygia Clark, Gego, Frederick Kiesler, Barry Le Va, Robert Morris, Tony Smith, Sanfford, Wurmfeld

D.F.Yellow Double Phoenix, 1996-1997. Acrylic on canvas, 83x182"

Art exhibition presented by Hunter's full time, adjunct, and visiting faculty

Art exhibition by 42 members of Hunter's faculty
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