Historical Note

THE ORIGINAL ART GALLERY AT HUNTER COLLEGE WAS ESTABLISHED IN 1975 and was located in Thomas Hunter Hall Room 106. The Hunter Arts Gallery showcased the works of faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, and the works of outstanding artists like Joseph Alabresse, Kampo Harada, and Michael Strauss among others. In 1978, the Hunter Arts Gallery was apparently reconstituted as the Hunter Gallery. The paucity of documents fails to reveal if the gallery remained in Thomas Hunter Hall or was moved to a different location. The Hunter Gallery continued to showcase the creative works of talented individuals. Honorable mention include the drawings by Tony Smith, Raymond Saunders, Jill Moser; paintings by Susan Barrett, Johannes Geccelli, Claire Lofrese, Evelyn Lopez de Guzman, Jill Nathanson, Dane R. Goodman, Angel Rodriguez Diaz, Michael Strauss, and Richard Wood; photographs by Karen Bell and Luke Holland; sculpture by Sheila Ross; and numerous others.

 In 1984 the Hunter Gallery was renamed the Hunter College Art Gallery and was relocated to the lobby of the recently inaugurated west tower of Hunter College. On March 8, 1987, the Hunter College Art Gallery was rededicated as The Bertha and Karl Leubsdorf Art Gallery.In addition to hosting the annual Hunter College BFA exhibition, the gallery has also showcased the works of outstanding artists like Julius Goldstein, Roy Decarava, Max Beerbohm, Vincent Campanella, Stephane Mallarme, John Eberson, Ralph Humphrey, Fritz Bultman, William E. Starkweather, Claire Bloom, and Vincent Longo.

 Little is known about the gallery in the North Building of Hunter College, but we do know that exhibits were held there for the years 1991-1995. Hunter College began its MFA program in the Fall of 1981. MFA student projects were annually exhibited in Thomas Hunter Hall through the Spring of 1991. But commencing in the Fall of 1991 all MFA student projects were showcased at The Gallery at Hunter College (a.k.a. the Art Gallery and the Voorhees Gallery) which was reconstituted as the Hunter College/ Times Square Gallery in 1995. This gallery focuses on exhibiting the works of MFA students, faculty works, New York Area MFA students, and the works of renowned artists like Robert Huot, Raymond Saunders, and Antoni Milkowski.