Digital Imaging Services

The Zabar Art Library (Room 1608 Hunter North) provides a digital imaging service for the Hunter College community:

  • reference assistance is available regarding location of relevant sources and their accessiblity (e.g. CLICS ILLiad) via email, phone, or library visit
  • each student requester is allowed up to 20 scans for an individual class; images must be related to the study of visual culture
  • no limit for faculty requests
  • digital work is generally accomplished within two business days of receipt, although larger faculty-based requests may take longer
  • high-quality images are sent as attachments (jpeg format) to the email address provided on the form(s) each requester completes once they deliver the materials (e.g., books, periodicals, postcards, photocopies, 35mm slides) to the Zabar Art Library, Room 1608 North Building, for scanning
  • image files can also be uploaded to a requester's flash drive, if desired
  • once the requester receives the image files, the scanned materials are ready for retrieval in the Zabar Art Library

Download the Digital Image Processing Request Form