Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Collection

Images of the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Collection
1920's - 1980's

The Lenox Hill Neighborhood House originated from a kindergarten which alumnae of the Normal College (later renamed Hunter College) opened in 1890 at Third Avenue and 63rd Street.  In 1894, a building was rented at 446 East 72nd Street and the Alumnae Settlement was formally established.  In 1911, the settlement was reorganized as the Lenox Hill Settlement Association because its focus had expanded to facilitate the needs of the larger Yorkville community.  In 1922, LHSA was re-incorporated as Lenox Hill Neighborhood Association as board committees were established to oversee the expanding work of the agency, which was now organized along departmental lines.  By 1928, a third and final building was erected at 331 East 70th Street, and eventually all activities were consolidated under one roof.  This edifice remains as Lenox Hill’s current home.

The exhibit visually documented Yorkville and other New York City residents engaged in arts and crafts sessions; kindergarten, English and domestic service classes; adult and juvenile clubs; dramatic productions; sport activities; receiving medical attention; and partaking in adult and juvenile camp activities that were sponsored by Lenox Hill between 1920 and 1980.

The photographs displayed in the exhibit are from the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Collection, 1892-1994, which is housed in Archives & Special Collections of the Hunter College Libraries of the City University of New York.  Special thanks to Mrs. Maria Enaboifo, a Project Sesame Intern from Long Island University, who assisted Professor Julio Hernandez-Delgado in the selection and mounting of the photographic exhibit.

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