Archives & Special Collections


The Archives & Special Collections division at Hunter College Libraries features a rich selection of archival materials, some of which have been processed and their contents documented in finding aids. A finding aid provides a detailed look into a collection by listing the location of the materials and how they are organized. A blue link within a category indicates access to a finding aid for that collection.

Below is a complete list of the collections in the division.


                       Hunter College Collections

CUNY Collections

Academic Deans

Faculty Organizations CUNY Governance

Academic Departments

Faculty Papers/Collections CUNY Publications

Administrative Offices

Faculty & Staff Master Plans of CUNY, 1950-2008

Affiliated Organizations

Faculty Union/Labor Relations  

Alumni Association

General Collections  

Alumnae/Alumni Collections

Interdisciplinary Studies Programs  


Normal College of the City of
New York


Board of Trustees

Professional Schools


Buildings and Facilities

Hunter College Publications (1870-2015)  

Campus Schools

Roosevelt House  



Commencement & Convocations/Programs

Commencement & Convocations/Addresses

Hunter College Student Clubs, Organizations, and Publications Collection  

Faculty Governance