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Did you know that the Hunter College Libraries offer for-credit classes each semester? We do! We offer a 1-credit class and in the fall of 2015 we are also offering a 3-credit class. See below for course descriptions and meeting times.

Students who have taken LIBR 100 in the past say such things as "I wish I had this class as a Freshman!" and "I never knew that there was so much to learn about research!" and our favorite "This class should be a requirement!"

So if you have some room in your schedule and want to learn how to be a better researcher (especially if graduate school is in your future), register for one of our classes. 

Course Offerings from the Library, Fall 2015

LIBR 100: Information Research

Course Description:

LIBR 100 is a one-credit course for undergraduates of any major who are interested in improving their research skills. The course will cover the following topics: (1) selecting a manageable, researchable topic; (2) search strategies with keywords; (3) finding relevant background information; (4) magazines vs. scholarly journals; (5) Evaluating and detecting point of view or bias in print sources; (6) books; and (7) evaluating websites.

The following sections will be offered:

Tuesday, 3:10-4:00

Tuesday, 4:10-5:00

Wednesday, 12:10-1:00

Thursday, 3:10-4:00   


LIBR 200: Research Strategies

Course Description:

LIBR 200 is a three-credit course for all students who are interested in improving their research skills. The course will cover the following topics: (1) selecting a manageable, researchable topic; (2) finding relevant background information on your topic using reference sources; (3) databases: choosing an appropriate database; identifying keywords; effective searching with keywords; standardized (controlled) vocabulary; (4) evaluating print sources for impact, credibility, and point of view or bias; (5) peer review and its role in scholarly communication; (6) writing annotations; (7) literature reviews; (8) scholarly books; (9) Google and the free web; (10) Youtube and podcasts; (11) intellectual property and copyright; (12) academic integrity and plagiarism.

The class meets Tuesdays and Fridays, 9:45am-11:00am.


Hello! I was wondering if Lib 100, the one credit course, would be offered during fall 2018 summer? If so which session(s) and how would I register? I can't find it on cunyfirst. Thank you !! Sincerely, Christal Yu

Just wondering if Library 100 offered during the summer semesters (e.g. summer I/II)?? Thanks.

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