Library Day Award Winners

Congratulations to all our student award winners this year! Winners were awarded at Library Day 2015 on April 16. If you are an award winner and were unable to attend, please contact the library office at 212.772.4146 to arrange a time to pick up your prize.

2015 Winners for the Charlotte Katz Millenson Book Review Contest

1st Place: How The Phantom Tollbooth Turned Me into an English Major and I Ever Looked Back Again: A True Story a review of The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster by Nida Amjad 2nd Place: A Review of The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck by Anna Tupaj

2015 Winners for the 22nd Annual Paul LeClerc Competition for Best Research Papers

100-level Undergraduate 1st place:  Gina Weiss, "Social Movements, Subversion, and Dual-Rhetoric in the Modern Advertising Argument."  English 120, Prof. Jack Kenigsberg.

2nd place:  Isabella Divilova, "Rhetorical Analysis of Gender Stereotypes in Commercials."  English 120, Prof. Sean Molloy. 200-and-other-level Undergraduate 1st place:  Michael Decolvenaere, "Murky Marketing:  Behavioral Targeting and Its Implications for Consumer Privacy."  Sociology 313, Prof. Michael Wood.

2nd place:  Rebecca Gordon, "Psychedelic Drugs:  A Review of Varied Sociocultural Implications and Psychopharmacological Potential."  Biology 250, Prof. Shirley Raps. Graduate Level 1st place:  Jenny Chen-St. Leger, "Making Men of Some Other Mettle:  Beatrice's Rebellion in Much Ado About Nothing."  English 715, Prof. Cristina Alfar. 

2nd place:  Lauren Serrano, "Neo-burlesque:  Authority through the Tease."  Dance 740, Prof. Maura Donohue.

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