Honoring National Constitution Day

In honor of Constitution Day, we welcome you to join Professor Philip Swan of the Library Department to explore primary source resources relating to the United States Constitution and the Founding Era on Thursday, September 28, between 1-2PM in room 530 in the Toby Cooperman Library.

Primary source literacy is crucial for understanding the historical context surrounding the foundations of our nation, making it an essential skill to celebrate Constitution Day.

By engaging with original documents from the time when the Constitution was written, we gain insight into the framers' intentions, fostering a deeper appreciation for the historical climate.

This event will empower attendees to critically engage primary sources, enhancing their abilities to participate in informed civic discourse. Some of the library resources this session will highlight include:

Gale Primary Sources
America’s Historical Newspapers
Items from our special collections
Web resources and more!

We hope to see you join us in celebrating Constitution Day as we equip you with the tools to connect with United States' history on a deeper level.

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