Celebrating Libraries During National Poetry Month

As we begin, hopefully, to emerge from the pandemic crisis, we offer our annual online celebration of Library Day during National Poetry month. Pay a visit to our online site and enjoy this year's Keynote remarks provided by Acting Assistant Dean and author Robert Cowan that include a poem that Cowan wrote during the pandemic lockdown.

You may also learn how our librarians engaged in work to redesign our library research class for teaching online and view some of the positive feedback visitors left after working with librarians in our online chat network.

Check out the sidebars to see some of our librarians' most recent professional development and publication activities and be sure to note the student winners of our research paper prizes. We were tremendously impressed with this year's submissions.

National Library week may have passed earlier this month, but you help us to celebrate Library Day everyday when you visit our libraries, online or in-person. Thank you for connecting with us!

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