Electronic Journal Subscriptions

Electronic access to journals is an exciting and changing aspect of library service. Many of the subscriptions to print journals in the Hunter College Libraries include access to the electronic counterpart from Hunter IP addresses, (that is from a Hunter Library workstation, computer lab or office connected to the Hunter network), or from off campus to those using the Hunter Libraries' proxy server, or RPA. If electronic access is possible to an individual journal title directly, there may be a URL and any necessary passwords included as part of the journal title's CUNY+ record. For those using the web version ofCUNY+, these should appear as "live" links. The status of Hunter's access to electronic journals is changeable. As we learn of additional journals with this service, we will update their records.

EBSCO Online also provides electronic access to many of our journal subscriptions from Hunter Web workstations or through the proxy server. At present, there are over 500 journals, some available in full text, which can be accessed at <>. Adobe Acrobat Reader, easily downloadable from <>, is necessary for viewing full text journals. This service offers natural language searching and searching by publication year or range of years. If a journal is available in this manner, the unique EBSCO URL may also be part of the CUNY+ record for that title.

In addition, the Hunter College Libraries subscribes to full text journal providers such as Project Muse <>, MathSciNet < mathscinet/>, JSTOR <>, and a number of science full text providers such as the American Chemical Society (ACS) and American Institute of Physics (AIP). Again, these are available only from Hunter workstations or through the Libraries' proxy server.

Please note with multiple access points to electronic journals, the number of back issues available may vary from one service to another. For example, a journal available from EBSCO may offer fewer issues than it does from Academic IDEAL. It is also important to remember that electronic access generally includes only the more recent issues. Please consult the Libraries' Web Page (, Ms. Lisa Finder, Serials Librarian, 772-4186, ( or the selector in your subject area for clarification or updated information.