Library Faculty Subject Librarians


Subject Librarian Phone Email
African/African American/Puerto Rican/Latino Studies Jonathan Cain 212-772-4188
Anthropology Linda Dickinson 212-772-4168
Arabic Lisa Finder 212-772-4186
Art Steven Kowalik 212-772-5054
Asian-American Studies Mee-Len Hom 212-772-4182
Biology Mason Brown 212-772-4191
Chemistry Mason Brown 212-772-4191
Chinese Language/Literature Wendy Tan 212-772-4173
Classics Clay Williams 212-772-4137
Communication Sciences John Carey 212-545-7962
Community Health Education John Pell 212-396-7660
Computer Science Gardner Treneman 212-650-3936
Creative Writing Jean-Jacques Strayer 212-772-4183
Dance David Donabedian 212-772-4176
Economics & Accounting Jonathan Cain 212-772-4188
Education/Curriculum and Teaching Hal Grossman 212-772-4608
Education/Educational Foundations Sarah Laleman Ward 212-772-4108
Education/Special Education Hal Grossman 212-772-4608
English Jean-Jacques Strayer 212-772-4183
Environmental and Occupational Health John Pell 212-396-7660
Epidemiology John Pell 212-396-7660
Film and Media Tony Doyle 212-772-4181
Geography (Human) Jonathan Cain 212-772-4188
Geology/Geography (Physical) Mason Brown 212-772-4191
German Patricia Woodard 212-650-3653
Government Documents Danise Hoover 212-772-4190
Health Care Policy & Administration John Pell 212-396-7660
Health Sciences John Carey 212-545-7962
Hebrew Louise Sherby 212-396-6249
History: Africa Lisa Finder 212-772-4186
History: Americas Julio Hernandez-Delgado 212-772-4149
History: Asia Mee-Len Hom 212-772-4182
History: European Clay Williams 212-772-4137
History: Middle East Mee-Len Hom 212-772-4182
Human Rights Program Linda Dickinson 212-772-4168
Japanese Language/Literature Wendy Tan 212-772-4173
Jewish Social Studies Lisa Finder 212-772-4186
Latin American and Caribbean Studies Julio Hernandez-Delgado 212-772-4149
Library/Information Science Danise Hoover 212-772-4190
Mathematics and Statistics Tony Doyle 212-772-4181
Medical Laboratory Sciences John Carey 212-545-7962
Music Linda Dickinson 212-772-4168
Nursing John Carey 212-545-7962
Nutrition Mason Brown 212-772-4191
Philosophy Tony Doyle 212-772-4181
Physical Therapy John Carey 212-545-7962
Physics & Astronomy Mason Brown 212-772-4191
Political Science Stephanie Margolin 212-772-4172
Psychology Danise Hoover 212-772-4190
Public Health John Pell 212-396-7660
Puerto Rican Studies Julio Hernandez-Delgado 212-772-4149
Reference Linda Dickinson 212-772-4168
Religion Louise Sherby 212-396-6249
Romance Languages: French Patricia Woodard 212-650-3653
Romance Languages: Italian Patricia Woodard 212-650-3653
Romance Languages: Spanish Patricia Woodard 212-650-3653
Russian/Slavic Languages Lisa Finder 212-772-4186
Social Work Margaret Bausman 212-396-7659
Sociology Wendy Tan 212-772-4173
Special Collections Julio Hernandez-Delgado 212-772-4149
Theatre David Donabedian 212-772-4176
Urban Affairs Stephanie Margolin 212-772-4172
Women and Gender Studies Sarah Laleman Ward 212-772-4108