Search for a book by author

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1 Start at the Libraries' web site:


2 Click CUNY+ / Books under the Find column.


3 You are now in the CUNY+ Catalog. First select "Author, last name first..." in the form on the left. Then, type the name of the author in the search box in the format shown: [Last Name, First Name]. Click the Search button to continue.


4 You will now see a list of results. The results show all authors matching your search. Click on an author's name to view a list of all books by that author in the library.


5 You are now viewing a list of books by the author. Let's say we were interested in All the Pretty Horses, by Cormac McCarthy, the author chosen in our example. Click on the Hunter Main link under the Holdings column for the "All the pretty horses" book entry.


6 You will now see specific information about the book at the Hunter College Library. Scroll down the page to see the book's Call Number, Item Status, and Due Date.

Call Number: Write the book's call number down so you can later locate the book in the library.
Item Status: An Item Status of "Regular Loan" means the book can leave the library.
Due Date: If you see a date here, the book is checked out to another student, and the date tells you when the book is due back in the library. "On Shelf" means that the book is available to loan.


7 Now you have the information you need to find the book on the shelf in the library.

To determine what floor the book is on in the Main Library, note the first letter of the call number. In our example, we looked up All the Pretty Horses, a book with the call number PS3563.C337 A44 1992. Since All the Pretty Horses has a call number that begins with the letter P, you will find the book on Floor B1 of the Main Library.


 If you need further help with searching for a book by author, or have any other library questions, find out how to get in touch with us on the Ask-A-Librarian page.