Add Research Guides to Blackboard

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1 Start at the Libraries' web site:

2 Click Research Guides under the Help column.


3 You will see the LibGuides page for Hunter College Libraries. Find a Research Guide you wish to include in your course. In this example, we will click the Art subject to find an Art Research Guide.


4 Some subjects may have multiple Research Guides. In this case, the Art subject has just one Research Guide. Click the subject link to view the guide.

Select guide


5 The chosen Research Guide appears. Copy the unique URL displayed at the top of the guide. Then, log in to your Blackboard account so you can paste this URL into your course site.

Select guide url


6 In your Blackboard course site, click on the Add Menu Item button on the top left of your sidebar. This will allow you to edit your menu.

Menu Control Panel


7 Click the Create External Link button to create an entry for the Research Guide.

create external link


8 In the "Name" field, type in a title that reflects the name of the Research Guide you chose earlier. In the "URL" field, paste the URL of the Research Guide you copied earlier. Click 'Submit' to save your settings.

External Link url and name


9 A link to the Research Guide will now appear in the Blackboard menu for your course. Click the link the view the guide.

Menu guide

The guide will fill your Blackboard window, causing the menu to disapear. By navigating back in your browser you can return to your class's page.

Guide in Bb

 If you need further help with adding Research Guides to Blackboard or have any other library questions, find out how to get in touch with us on the Ask-A-Librarian page.