Workshop for Social Explorer

March 1st, 2013 by Danise Hoover

Social Explorer is our “go-to” database for census information. The interface, which has remained unchanged since its beginning will be upgraded somewhere around June 1. There will be a demonstration of the new features of the database at Hunter College Library, Friday March 15, at 2 pm in room E114 in the library. We invite all interested librarians, students and faculty to attend.
Major new features and enhancements, include:

• An improved map interface will make it easier to browse data, allowing
users to quickly navigate their maps

• A single sign-on for users and an easy-to-navigate gallery to save
personal and shared projects

• Additional map customization will give users full control over color
schemes, the ability to add shapes, text, and images to maps, turn
geographical layers on or off, and much more, ensuring that researchers
at all levels can easily create maps to their exact specifications

• New visualization features – such as dot and bubble maps to display
density – allow users to inspect data in a way not previously possible,
providing a more informed research experience

• A brand new project area will be added to the site, allowing users to
develop and share custom presentations within the site itself, making
collaboration easier than ever

• Improved sharing functionality will enable users to share their maps
through links and social media and will further allow them to embed maps
on blogs, increasing interactivity and allowing researchers to easily
share information with their collaborators

• New data sets, including the most recent releases of the American
Community Survey 2011 and Census 2010, as well as all new business,
religion, crime, and election data, and historical data from Ireland

• The site will be mobile-optimized, supporting Android Tablets and the iPad

Please rsvp to so that we can make sure we have space for all who want to attend.

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