Winter Reading

December 14th, 2010 by Sarah Laleman Ward

photo copyright: flickr user moriza

Now that the semester is almost over (yay! hooray!) I imagine you are all probably looking forward to a little rest and relaxation before starting up again after the new year.

It’s entirely possible that, after the end of the semester crunch you don’t want to look at another book again for a long time. But if reading is a way for you to unwind, why not pick up a new book over the break and give your mind a rest from the rigors of academe? I always find getting lost in a good novel a nice way to escape, especially when it is cold and gray outside.

NPR just launched a new Facebook page called NPR Books. On NPR Books, you will find links to interviews with authors, book reviews, book recommendations from NPR (like their Best of 2010 list), and other things literary. It’s also a place to discuss what you’re reading and maybe stumble upon something fabulous you wouldn’t have found on your own.

Of course the New York Times Books section is always a good place to turn for recommendations and reviews as well. They have extensive lists of recommendations for the season, including 100 Notable Books of 2010.  The “Notable” list includes writing across genres, from fiction to poetry to nonfiction, so it looks like there is something for everyone.

So what will you be reading over the break? Anything good to recommend?

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