Take Library 100 and Research Like a Pro

April 26th, 2011 by Danielle Becker

Information Research (LIBR 100)

Would You Like To:

  • Choose Paper Topics that Work?
  • Become a Better Researcher?
  • Find the Right Kind of Information for Your Needs?
  • Find Quality Information Faster?
  • Learn How to Evaluate Information?
  • Sharpen Your Skills for Graduate School or Business?

Information Research is a one credit course that addresses these questions. You will learn how to choose a database that is relevant to your research, how to search effectively in that database, and how to evaluate the sources that you have found. Other topics covered include peer review, web evaluation, and using Google Scholar to determine the quality of scholarly articles.

We will be offering five sections in Fall 2011 at the following times.

Monday: 5:10-6:50*

Wednesday: 11:10-12

Wednesday: 12:10-1#

Wednesday: 5:10-6:50*

Thursday: 4:10-5# (block)

* These sections meet for the first 8 weeks of the semester.

# Some sessions meet online.

For more information get in touch with Tony Doyle at tdoyle@hunter.cuny.edu or 212-772-4181. On the web at http://libguides.library.hunter.cuny.edu/libr100spring2011 and http://libguides.library.hunter.cuny.edu/libr100hybridfall2010

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  1. Metabolism Boosters Says:

    Hi Danielle,

    This is right up my ally. I’m still figuring out Google Scholar so attending this will be useful. Thanks a lot!


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