On this day in history…

December 1st, 2008 by Sarah Laleman Ward

…things were pretty much the same.  Many of the same issues that appear in newspapers and online these days were being written about 25, 50, even 100 years ago!  People were concerned about crime, the economy, the stock market, holiday shopping, foreign relations, and technology.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.

100 years ago, two pretty 18-year-old girls were arrested for pickpocketing.  What did they steal?  $1.

100 years ago, one could smoke in subway cars, and people seemed to be okay with it because the air in the subway cars and stations was already foul.

50 years ago, December 1, 1958, City budget officials met to discuss cutbacks and ways to increase revenue.  One of those ideas was to start charging tuition at the City Colleges, like Hunter.

50 years ago, evidently people needed a primer on the types of caviar available to them for their holiday feasts.  This is not particularly newsworthy or relevant, I just found it amusing.

50 years ago, amid the “Red Scare,” a Hunter College professor was dismissed after admitting membership in the Communist Party.

25 years ago, conflict in the Middle East was not a new thing.

25 years ago, in anticipation of the upcoming presidential election the following year, newfangled voting machines were being introduced to replace the old lever machines (still prevalent in New York City in 2008, I might add.)  One of the “new” machines involved voters punching paper ballots that were then fed into a machine to be read.  Any of this ringing a bell?  These were the very same ballots that caused the “hanging chad” debacle in the election of 2000.

**All news items courtesy of The New York Times Historical database.

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  1. Ingrid Bonadie-Joseph Says:

    Cool, it almost seems as if some of these issues are from todays headlines..Thanks

  2. Jordan Says:

    Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking your feeds also~! Thanks.

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