Occupy Wall Street

October 18th, 2011 by Margaret Bausman

The Occupy Wall Street movement continues to gain momentum. It has received the public support of labor unions including the UAW, the AFL-CIO and the Professional Staff Congress – CUNY, of activists such as Jessie Jackson, Michael Moore and Cornel West and of the New York Times. Approximately 1,500 action events in over 80 countries occurred last Saturday. You can learn more about the Occupy Wall Street movement by visiting their website at www.occupywallst.org.


If you have an interest in learning more about civil resistance and protest movements, the library has lots of material from varying points of view. For example:


Civil resistance and power politics : the experience of non-violent action from Gandhi to the present / Edited by Adam Roberts and Timothy Garton Ash


From ACT UP to the WTO : urban protest and community building in the era of globalization / Edited by Benjamin Shepard and Ronald Hayduk


Revolts, protests, demonstrations, and rebellions in American history: an encyclopedia / Edited by Steven L. Danvers / an e-book available through the catalog


Readings on social movements : origins, dynamics and outcomes / Edited by Doug McAdams and David A. Snow


The people shall rule: ACORN, community organizing and the struggle for economic justice / Edited by Robert Fisher


Policing dissent: social control and the anti-globalization movement / Luis A. Fernandez / an e-book available through the catalog


The art of protest: culture and activism from the civil rights movement to the streets of Seattle / T. V. Reed / an e-book available through the catalog




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