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October 28th, 2011 by Hal Grossman

Mary Siegel of Alexander Street Press tells us:

“We have just updated Education in Video with 41 videos and 20 hours of new content from three new video providers: Educational Activities, Fred Jones & Associates, and Chip Taylor Communications. New films from DER (Documentary Educational Resources) have also been added. Some videos do not yet include transcripts but they will be available in the coming weeks.

“EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES is a US-based education publisher that has been creating education resources since 1948. Their videos give Education in Video valuable new content in the early childhood development and ESL/ELL categories. The films show training strategies for teachers to use in the classroom, and also offer ways to boost parental involvement with the young child’s development—a highly effective, research-based approach.

“Here is an Educational Activities video clip that shows how teachers can help young English language learners improve their speech and vocabulary:

“FRED JONES & ASSOCIATES is the publisher of a classroom management training program widely used in the U.S. by practicing teachers and education students. Their flagship product, ‘Tools for Teaching,’ is now part of Education in Video.

“Dr. Fred Jones is a clinical psychologist. In each video, he focuses on different student behaviors and demonstrates the best ways a teacher can react to stop, change, or encourage the behavior, depending on the situation. These videos are unique because a number of them show teachers learning classroom management techniques by modeling them, with Dr. Jones’ guidance. It’s hard to capture bad behavior live in a classroom for a video, but in ‘Tools for Teaching,’ Dr. Jones stages the behaviors and guides the teachers on how to react, verbally and through body language.

“In this clip, Dr. Jones has a group of teachers walk through a scenario in which ‘students’ are chatting instead of doing their work. It’s interesting to see how challenging it is for the teachers to model the correct behavior (not rushing through an instruction).

“The ‘Tools For Teaching’ Series has been adopted by several state departments of education because it is well aligned with the PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports), a U.S. Department of Education discipline management program for schools. The series also includes comprehensive teaching guides for each behavior covered. These guides are not yet available in Education in Video but will be added later this year.

“DER and CHIP TAYLOR COMMUNICATIONS videos offer teacher training in a variety of formats, from comedy skits that help teachers address difficult classroom and administrative problems, to real-life case studies of teachers tackling serious educational issues. Here’s an interesting clip featuring teacher and student perspectives in a DER video exploring the debate over the Massachusetts testing program:

If you are an education student or faculty member, why not take a look at what Education in Video has to offer? You can find it in the database list on our homepage.

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