A gentle warning

March 16th, 2011 by Danise Hoover

A package that came in the mail to the library a few months ago was forwarded to me. It contained a Hunter College Library book and a note that said:
Many years ago a fellow student asked me to return this book for her. Since I was on my way to the library, I agreed. Unfortunately, I forgot and have had this book in a box with some old textbooks. I came across it last week and wanted to return it.
The due date on the book was May 16, 1998.
It was not possible to tell from the lending record of the book how much trouble it caused the student who was the actual borrower. The non-returned book should have prevented them from registering for the next semester. If they were graduating, it would have prevented them from getting a transcript.
Even in these cynical times, it seems that students are a remarkably trusting lot. Books, coats etc are left on tables in the library. Please take a lesson from this though…. Return your own books to the library. Get a receipt if you are at all concerned that the return won’t be recorded. Never, never, let someone, even a trusted friend, borrow books using your id.

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2 Responses to “A gentle warning”

  1. Tod Bucher Says:

    Why doesn’t the library staff offer any “gentle warnings” to patrons about writing in library books? Or about patrons talking on their phones in quiet spaces? Actually, please don’t make them “gentle warnings,” be vicious.

  2. Jay Says:

    Couldn’t the student just have paid for the book if it caused a stop to be on their record?

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