New ACS Mobile from the American Chemical Society, for your iPhone & iPod Touch

March 22nd, 2010 by Brian Lym

Science journal publishers are at the forefront for “pushing” new content–latest research articles and new, mostly through RSS feeds  (are you using those?) and email alerts.   The new territory here is of course–you guessed it– applications for the  iPhone and the iPod Touch.    The ACS (American Chemical Society) has just launched such an application, which yo will be able to download at:

By using this new application, you’ll able to connect to up-to-the-minute live stream of peer-reviewed research content published across the Society’s preeminent portfolio of scholarly research journals.  This information is augmented by “Latest News” from Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN).  You’ll connect to full text articles  from ACS journals that Hunter subscribes to.

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