Publication Collection of the Silberman Fund

February 27th, 2012 by Philip Swan

The Publication Collection of the Silberman Fund is currently on display at the Schools of Social Work and Public Health Library. Many were published with the support of the fund or represent scholarly work related to programs and initiatives supported by the fund. They are a gift to the Library of Jayne Silberman. Please see a Librarian if you have an interest in any of the items in this collection.

Selected Titles:

Akabas, S.H., & Kurzman, P.A. (1982). Work, workers, and work organizations: A view from social work. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall Inc.

Apgar, K., & Riley, D.P., Eaton, J.T., Diskin, S. (1982). Life education in the workplace: How to design, lead, and market employee seminars. New York: Family Service Association of America.

Brager, G., & Specht, H. (1973). Community organizing. New York: Columbia University Press.

Caroff, P., & Gottesfeld, M. (Eds.) (1987). Psychosocial studies. New York: Gardner Press.

Caroff, P., & Mailick, M. (1980). Social work in health services: An academic practice partnership. New York: Prodist.

Dinerman, M. (1981). Social work curriculum at the baccalaureate and masters level: A study for the Lois and Samuel Silberman Fund. New York: The Lois and Samuel Silberman Fund.

Geiss, G.R., & N. Viswanathan (Eds.) (1986). The human edge: Information technology and helping people. New York: The Haworth Press, Inc.

Haffey, M., & Starr, R. (1988). Designing a work study program: Where social service employment meets professional education. New York: The Lois and Samuel Silberman Fund.

Jenkins, S. (Ed.), (1969). Social security in international perspective: Essays in honor of Eveline M. Burns. New York: Columbia University Press.

Kagle, J.D. (1984). Social work records. Homewood, IL: The Dorsey Press.

Kendall, K.A. (1978). Reflections on social work education: 1950-1978. New York: International Association of Schools of Social Work.

Lewis, H. (1982). The intellectual base of social work practice: Tools for thought in a helping profession. New York: The Haworth Press.

Miller, R.R. (Ed.) (1969). Race, research, and reason: Social work perspectives. New York: National Association of Social Workers.

National Council for Homemaker Services. (1969). Readings in Homemaker Service: Selected papers presenting the background, uses and practices of homemaker-home health aide programs. New York: 1969.

Roberts, R.W., & Northern, H. (Eds.) (1976). Theories of social work with groups. New York: Columbia University Press.

Romanyshyn, J.M. (1971). Social welfare: Charity to justice. New York: Random House.

Ross, E.L. (Ed.). (1978). Black heritage in social welfare: 1860-1930. Metuchen, NJ: The Scarecrow Press, Inc.

Schwartz, F.S. (1984). Voluntarism and social work practice: A growing collaboration. New York: University Press of America.

Sarri, R.C., & Yeheskel, H. (1978). The management of human services. New York: Columbia University Press.

Stein, H.D. (Ed.). (1981). Organization and the human services: Cross-disciplinary reflections. Philadelphia: Temple University Press.

Travis, G. (1976). Chronic illness in children: It’s impact on child and family. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press.

Wollins, M., & Wozner, Y. (1982). Revitalizing residential settings: Problems and potential in education, health, rehabilitation, and social service. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Inc..

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