Managing your pdfs and more

February 10th, 2010 by Brian Lym

There are a variety of citation management software programs out there–RefWorks, EndNote (both available through Hunter), Zotero (freeware, works via Firefox browser) among the more popular–these have varying capabilities for storing and searching references  and  attached pdfs.  If you have a lot of pdfs in your personal “library” and want a way to readily full-text search them, annotate them, share them with your colleagues, try out Mendeley which is currently freeware.   This software is  popular in the science community, but anyone who has a collection of pdfs might give it a whirl.  Check out this review of Mendeley from Duke University library.

By the way, with  the imminent released RefWorks 2.0 this year, full-text searching of attached pdfs will be enabled.    We’ll keep you posted about this update.

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3 Responses to “Managing your pdfs and more”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Very cool! Thanks, Brian.

  2. Stephanie Faulkner Says:

    You can actually search pdfs now in RefWorks (the current interface)!

  3. brian Says:

    Yes, but isn’t the search just now to searching the titles of pdfs, not the full text.
    (I tested this out with pdfs in my own library)

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