RELIGION – New Reference Books

December 1st, 2009 by Patricia Woodard

Several new reference books concerning religion, especially its role in American culture, have just arrived in the library.

1. Encyclopedia of Philosophers on Religion
Call No.: B104 .V47 2008
Did Jean-Paul Sartre have a religious background? What were his views on religion? An excellent entry answers these and other questions about the French philosopher’s religious orientation.
More than 100 well-known philosophers from ancient times to the present are included.

2. Religion and Education in the United States
Call No.: LC111 .P78 2009

Researching “Prayer in the Public Schools”? This two-volume set traces the historical and legal background of this divisive issue. Explore the views of founding fathers Thomas Jefferson and James Madison on the role of religion in education. Trace the progress of Jewish schools during the 20th century. These are but a few of the topics covered.

3. Battleground Religion
Call No.: BL60 .B315 2009

This 2-volume set explores many of the controversial topics debated in American society and their religious implications: abortion, AIDS, cloning, genetic research, same-sex marriage, universal health care.

4. Immigration and Religion in America; Comparative and Historical Perspectives
Call No.: BL2525 .I46 2009

A collection of 12 essays dealing with the role of religion in various immigrant communities: “Migration and Mexican American Religious Life 1848-2000,” “The Shaping of Arab and Muslim Identity in the United States,” and “Black Migration, Religion and Civic Life.”

5. Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism; A Documentary Reader
Call No.: BR1640 .E89 2008

Read the words of Billy Sunday, Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and other prominent evangelicals, placed in context by Barry Hankins, a Baylor University historian and professor of church-state studies.

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