New Function in CUNY+

June 10th, 2008 by Danise Hoover

There has been an addition to what you can do in CUNY+.. You can now save the results of your searches to Refworks. (This is a bibliography management tool that all of CUNY subscribes to.)

Search the catalog in the usual way. When your results are up on the screen, you will see check boxes next to the titles. Click on the boxes to select your items then choose Save/Mail/Export from the top menu. Read the instructions on the next page, they are not intuitive.

Try it and let us know what you think

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One Response to “New Function in CUNY+”

  1. Manfred Kuechler Says:

    First off: Ever wondered why there are so few comments on this blog? The invitation (…”let us know what you think”) is nice, but there is no link for leaving a comment. You have to click “No comments” in small print to get to this “Leave a Reply” box.

    As to content: The whole thing works only, if you have set up a RefWorks account already and there is no information on how to do this, not even a link to the relevant page:

    Then, a couple of screenshots would help:

    Next you will be asked to enter your Hunter e-mail user name and PW, then you get to the RefWorks screen (have your RefWorks login info ready):

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